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jv16 PowerTools

A tool designed to make your computer work fast and smoothly
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This professional piece of software was designed to help you improve the performance of your computer. It offers you tools that can help you manage the Windows registry, the files installed on your computer and the system files. In addition to these, this program also offers you tools that help you protect your privacy by cleaning any threatening privacy data from your computer. You can do this by either selecting individual tools, organized under categories (for example you can select the Registry Cleaner or the Registry Manager from the Registry Tools category) or you can select the "Home" tab in order to do a general cleaning and optimization of your computer. You also have the possibility of creating shortcuts on your desktop for each tool so that you no longer have to browse all the categories in order to find it.

With this software, you can optimize your computer speed by performing various tweaks (like disable Recycle Bin, disable low disk space check or any kind of performance counters), remove unnecessary files (like temporary files or duplicates) or improve your privacy by cleaning the history and the list of most recently used files. These are just few of the available features that this program has to offer. You have to be careful when using certain tools (like the File System Cleaner) because you can do irreversible damage to your files. But whenever that risk occurs, this software will warn you about it.

The professionally built user interface has two types: simple (for new users) and advanced (for experienced users). The difference between these two user interfaces is the fact that the advanced interface provides you with extra tools for a more complete and professional system cleaning and optimization.

A great feature that this program offers you is the fact that it does a backup before you apply any kind of changes. So, if you happen to do a mistake, this program gives you the possibility to perform a rollback to your previous system configuration. Keep in mind that this feature applies to the tools provided from the simple interface. If you choose the advanced interface, most of the extra tools don't allow backups, so you need to be sure about what changes you make (this is why the advanced interface is recommended only for experienced users).

Overall, this is an excellent program that is definitely worth trying if you are in need of a professional way to make your computer run at its maximum efficiency.

Tyler Vidd
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