jv16 PowerTools

jv16 PowerTools

Clean up your PC from unwanted files and improve your web browsing experience
jv16 PowerTools v2017
17 Nov 2020
jv16 PowerTools v5.0
28 Oct 2019
Editorial review
jv16 PowerTools v4.2
30 May 2018
Editorial review
jv16 PowerTools v4.1
8 Apr 2016
jv16 PowerTools v3.2
28 Dec 2013
jv16 PowerTools v2.0
30 May 2010
Editorial review
jv16 PowerTools v2.0b
2.0 β
13 Jan 2010
jv16 PowerTools v1.9
9 Feb 2009
jv16 PowerTools v1.9b
1.9 β
16 Feb 2010
jv16 PowerTools v1.7
14 Feb 2008
jv16 PowerTools v1.5
12 Sep 2008
jv16 PowerTools v1.4
25 Jul 2008
jv16 PowerTools v1.3
1 Mar 2008
jv16 PowerTools v1.3b
1.3 β
13 Dec 2009
jv16 PowerTools v1.2
2 Aug 2008
jv16 PowerTools v1.2b
1.2 β
12 Oct 2008
jv16 PowerTools v1.1
25 Jul 2008
jv16 PowerTools v1.1b
1.1 β
28 Jul 2008
jv16 PowerTools v1.0
25 Jul 2008
jv16 PowerTools v1.0b
1.0 β
30 Jul 2008

What's new

v5.0 [28 Oct 2019]
- Bug fix: The previous version fixed the problem about Firefox bookmarks being modified or removed during System Cleaner. The original bug was rare, only occurring in some systems. The last version fixed it for many users but not perfectly. This build now fixes it for good.
- Bug fix: The program may fail to start on some systems. If this happens, you will only see the initial splash screen and nothing else ever shows up.
- Bug fix: The Initial Setup can take a very long time to run on some systems.
- Bug fix: Tools menu > Maintenance > Flush Cache does not trigger the Initial Setup to run again, even if it says it would.
- Bug fix: If you don't have a browser installed, for example Firefox, the System Cleaner will still search for its cookies and history data. This makes the scan a few seconds slower than what it should be.
- Bug fix: System Cleaner can incorrectly say no items found even if some were found.
- Bug fix: On small screens the splash screen's bottom texts can overlap the version number text.
- Bug fix: System Cleaner can ask for permission to close web browsers even if you have selected not to run any browser related cleaning modules.
- Bug fix: System Cleaner can search for temporary files even if the temporary file scan module has been disabled from Settings.
- Bug fix: The Ignore List may not work in cases of you want to ignore certain types of registry data, and the System Cleaner will therefore continue to list this data.
- Bug fix: Starting the System Cleaner can show aggressiveness confirmation text in English, even if you are using the program in another language.
- Bug fix: The program can display Stringlist Out Of Bounds error when starting. This is a very rare issue, happening only in some systems.
- Bug fix: Ignoring software with the Software Uninstaller via the Right Click menu does not remove it from the list, it is only not shown the next time even though System Cleaner removes the item from list immediately after item is ignored.
- Bug fix: Internet Optimizer can get stuck in the Starting ... screen.
- Improved the detection and the listing of browser cache data.
- System Cleaner's information message boxes are now shown only if System Cleaner is open and active.
- Made the user interface for the System Cleaner settings clearer.
- Installing a new version of PowerTools over the old one causes in some cases of important (but not critical) cache files never to be created, as the Initial Setup has already ran when the old version was installed. Now, the program will detect if such cache files are missing and perform an Initial Setup again if needed.
- Increased the waiting thresholds of information messages in the application to avoid too many tips or other non essential message boxes to be displayed in too rapid progression.
- All the three main tool text captions are now visible. Before, only the default tool or the currently selected tool caption text was visible, which some users found difficult to use.
- The program will now attempt to detect a running setup of jv16 PowerTools and automatically close itself. This way you are not prompted with an error message of a file in use if you try to update while the program is still running.
- My Account's Apply button is now only visible if needed.
- Aborting a scan can cause the user interface to get not responsive. Therefore, the Aborting scans feature is currently not available until we improve and fix it.

v4.2 [30 May 2018]
-Bug Fixes:
The Initial Setup may fail with an error message “Stack Overflow” on some systems.
On some systems, especially if a lot of installed software, the Initial Setup can take over 10 minutes to complete or it can freeze entirely.
The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer may show an “Access Violation” error message during the scan.
The user interface may flicker or elements inside the user interface can jump around while the software is starting or when a tool is starting.
The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer may freeze up and never complete on some systems.
-Feature Improvements:
Greatly improved the overall smoothness of the user interface and its response time.
The Initial Setup will now run up to 50% faster than previously.
The progress bar of the Initial Setup now moves smoother and better shows the actual progress of the process.
Greatly improved the accuracy of the Software Uninstaller’s ability to find the installed software and leftovers from the system.
Added new safety mechanisms to protect the user against false positive detections by the Most Aggressive scan mode of the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer.
Improved the compatility of the software with many popular third party software such as Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Office and Adobe products.

v4.1 [8 Apr 2016]
- Bug fix: The main window’s user interface may not always correctly display that the program is run under Windows 10. Note: this was purely a cosmetic issue, Windows 10 was correctly detected and there were no compatibility issues.
- Bug fix: When you open the Backup Tool, there should be special backups related tools under the Tools menu. These additional features, such as the Undo function for Immunize my Computer, were not always visible.
- Bug fix: Clicking the Back button while My Account tool is loading up can cause a Cannot Change Visibility on OnShow error message.
- Bug fix: The Software Uninstaller can in some rare cases display duplicates, that is, the exact same software more than one time.
- Bug fix: The Software Uninstaller sometimes shows no icons for a software, if the software has no icon, a default Windows application icon should be displayed.
- Bug fix: The program can randomly show an error message about Access Violation relating to TPowerToolsPanel.
- Improvement: Immunize My Computer now contains an Undo button. Before the Undo feature was only in the Backups tool and not in a very visible place.
- Improvement: Enhanced the safety of the Clean and Fix My Computer and the registry cleaner engine in general.
- Improvement: Updated the Handbook on how to undo the Immunize My Computer operation and relating to the Initial Setup procedure.
- Improvement: The program will now create more detailed debug information in case it encounters an error.
- Improvement: Enhanced the accuracy of the Software Uninstaller.
- Improvement: Updated the product’s Handbook.

v2.0 [30 May 2010]
New in version 2.0:
- Easier and more fun to use
- Improved Registry Cleaner
- One-click system cleaning feature: Clean And Fix My Computer

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